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Running Hippie Recovery Method

Recovery. Recovery. Recovery.

This is a constant mantra in the running world – no matter what running magazine, book, or website you read. It can range from walking or resting between intervals to making sure there is a day of easy running after a hard workout to taking time off after race. I’ve never had a problem on the lower end of the scale. Walk/jog 400 meters after an 800 meter repeat? No problem – in fact can I turn that 400 into an 800? Three easy miles the day after a seven mile tempo run? Yes – please!

Shoes and paws

Trail Shoes and Trail Paws

However, I do have a problem with the post race recovery – mostly when it comes to post marathon recovery. If one follows the traditional adage of one day of recovery for every mile raced – that is practically a month!! And I know the month recovery period is not a month of sans running or being active. And I know I need downtime for my mental health – otherwise I’ll just burn out on running. But I have never been able to master the perfect marathon recovery month. I either do too little and have to work hard to bring my fitness back up or I do too much and struggle through the beginning part of my next training cycle. I’ve tried following Recovery Plans because I generally like a good training plan, but I find them too regimented. And, on top of all of this, I have a running addicted pup that doesn’t understand recovery at all. She wants to go for a run Every. Single. Day.

But I think I’ve finally hit upon the secret! I call it the Running Hippie Recovery Method. Here are the “rules” (except there are no real rules because, you know, hippie):

  • Relax
  • Have fun
  • No watches
  • Go for long walks
  • Explore new running route
  • Run on trails
  • Hike
  • Play like a little kid
  • Try some yoga – or continue to practice if that’s your thing
  • Run slow or fast or medium. Run how you feel that day

Essentially “playing” through my recovery allows me to keep my fitness, but doesn’t stress me out. I’m starting my new training cycle (going for a half-marathon PR!) this week and I feel ready to go. And – most importantly – the Running Hippie Recovery Method allows me to keep the pup entertained!

What do you do for recovery? Do you follow a plan? or do you just “wing it”?

Upsidedown Me

Wasn’t kidding when I said play like a kid!

Tess and I - Old Town

Tess doesn’t understand why we stopped running

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Running. Dogs. And More Running. Oh Look…Wine!

While I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for well over a year, I was never certain I had something unique to add. Then I figured “screw it,” everyone has unique experiences and I’m just going to add mine to the signal.

This will mostly be focused on running and other outdoor adventures. But there will be dashes of wine and musings. And cooking adventures! I have been allergic to dairy my whole life and I love the challenge of adapting recipes (especially baking ones) to make them dairy free.

Camping and Milk

The only way “milk” gets close to my mouth!

This blog will also serve as an accountability source for me in my training. My training is undergoing a significant revamp and I’ll need all the motivation I can get – I figure that publicizing my training goals and progress will only help me.

MCM 2015 Run

Marine Corps Marathon 2015 – My 7th Straight!

So join me for the running, the hiking, the random musings, the quirky dog, the wine, the training, the recipes, or just to gain insight into the life of a thirty something professional with a running addiction.

Pacers Veteran's 10K Post race

Tess’s First 10K!

Wine and Snow

Will Run for Wine!

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